Thursday Mind Dump 10-25-07

Here’s what I’m thinking right now….

– God is AWESOME
– God is GOOD
– God has given me a LASER sharp vision for Fellowship of San Marcos. Thru all of my tough times this year, God is reaffirming that vision to me. It can be summed up in the sentence “We are the church for people that don’t go to church.”
– Why does my Fantasy Football team stink?
– I thank God for honest, transparent people that love God, love their brothers and sisters in Christ, love the lost, and don’t harbor evil feelings for God’s people and leaders.
– Church should be FUN
– I thank God for people who want to serve Him. I am surrounded by people who love to serve. I love to watch them love to serve.
– Serving is a pre-requisite of leading. I didn’t realize that in the past. The man or woman who think they are above cleaning a bathroom or running a vacuum cleaner has no business leading in the church. If they won’t serve others before they lead, they will only lead selfishly. They won’t work for the vision of the church but their own vision.
– I love my wife and kids!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Mind Dump 10-25-07”

  1. I have to back this up. God is AWESOME. He has showed me words in the Bible that I never paid attention to before. Like in Gen 1:26 when He says, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness. He chose to combine all of Himself (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) when He made man. That just blew my mind. I’ve read this verse before but never did the words spring out of the book like those (Us, Our). Then this morning I have been praying about a message for the youth and I put in a CD to listen to on the way to work and low and behold a song came up and I knew God was telling me this is the song for your message. I had tears before I got to work of how awesome He is and the way He talks to us. He is AWESOME!

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