Pray for Peace in Gaza

Got this today from Joel News,

Organizations helping Palestinian Christians are asking the world to pray that the violence in Gaza will end. Carl Moeller, President of Open Doors USA, says Palestinian Christians have nowhere to turn. “They’re not part of Hamas, and they’re not Israelis. So the Israelis see them as Palestinians, and the Palestinians see them as Christians who are not part of their Islamic movement. Gaza is a tough place to be.” Describing the chaotic situation in Gaza, one church leader said that while everyone suffers, he feels especially bad for the children, who wake up several times in the middle of the night; crying or even screaming from fear and memories that come back to their minds. “Many children are traumatized because they have seen bodies lying on the streets that used to be their playground.”

Open Doors said that about 2,500 Christians remain in Gaza and are unable to leave. Prayer is requested that the war between Israel and Palestine will be shorter and less devastating than what military and political speculators around the world are predicting, and that Christian families will be protected and reunited. Moeller says seeds of the Gospel have been planted in Gaza. “Brother Andrew and others have shared Christ with the leadership of Hamas, and we’re praying these seeds will take root. Ultimately, the only hope for peace in Gaza is the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.”