Parents and Teens: What the Heck are We Thinking?

I have pastored, mentored, led, etc tons of young people over the years. It has ALWAYS bugged me when parents let their kids’ sports “careers” dictate their schedules… even if it meant not going to church events. I’ve seen it over and over… a soccer game is chosen over a Sunday service… a tournament is attended that keeps kids from a summer camp or retreat. I know a lot of those kids as adults now. They have missed out on a LOT. They have gone through stuff they didn’t have to. Some still are not “all there” spiritually. Guys, this WHIPS me! If you are a parent, think long term about the impact of your decisions on your teen. I’m not saying it is always wrong, in every circumstance, but why is it that the church events always get ignored? Teens, why not rebel against what’s “normal?” Let your coach know you won’t be missing church for games or practice anymore. What’s the worse that can happen**. What if all of the Christians did the same?

I found this blog post today:

Whether you are a teen or parent, I DARE YOU TO READ IT! It’s written to Student Pastors, but it’s perfect for parents and teens to read. There’s too much at stake to ignore it. Please post your comments!

**UPDATE Ok, I thought about this. The worst that could happen is that you are kicked off the team and don’t get a college scholarship. Sounds bad. But, if you give up something now, or get an extra job, you can save for college and you won’t have to rely on a scholarship. Is it really worth risking eternity anyway?

Parents: monitor your teens media intake

I just found the following video on Breitbart. It confirms something I have always believed and taught: YOU ARE WHAT YOU WATCH. I have to tell you, when I was a youth pastor the teens always complained when I talked about stuff like this. They would say things like “We aren’t going to go out and do bad things just because we watch them on TV or a movie.” Well kids, actually you ARE going to do those things (statistically speaking).

It slays me when parents are half-butt in their commitment to Jesus, let their kids watch and listen to anything they want, and then wonder why their little angels turn into young adults with few morals. Yes, you can do EVERYTHING right and your kids might still go bad. But I don’t think we need to help them down the wrong path.

Here’s a link to the video.