Parents: monitor your teens media intake

I just found the following video on Breitbart. It confirms something I have always believed and taught: YOU ARE WHAT YOU WATCH. I have to tell you, when I was a youth pastor the teens always complained when I talked about stuff like this. They would say things like “We aren’t going to go out and do bad things just because we watch them on TV or a movie.” Well kids, actually you ARE going to do those things (statistically speaking).

It slays me when parents are half-butt in their commitment to Jesus, let their kids watch and listen to anything they want, and then wonder why their little angels turn into young adults with few morals. Yes, you can do EVERYTHING right and your kids might still go bad. But I don’t think we need to help them down the wrong path.

Here’s a link to the video.

2 thoughts on “Parents: monitor your teens media intake”

  1. I totally agree. Especially if you start while their young it is so much easier. With our daughter we make sure that she doesn’t see scary movies or anything with nudity and we definately monitor the music she listens to and have since she was young. Now that she’s a teenager she already knows what she can and can’t see or listen too. She doesn’t argue with us either. As parents you have to constantly keep the lines of communication open. Know who their friends are, invite them over to your house instead of them going to their home if you can. Get involved in their life and most importantly. Pray for them each day and give them over to God. Each time you think of them pray for them.

  2. It’s not just sex…let’s not forget movies and games with violence and crime. While I am sure the kids watching those sexy shows think ” it’s just a TV show” there are kids out there playing games that involve killing and crime thinking ” it’s just a game. ” It still desensitizes them to real things in life.

    I think all of those issues should be discussed in the home according to the maturity level of the child, so that they know how to deal with the real temptations and frustrations in life. Putting them in a protected bubble will not help them when they leave home as adults and are being exposed to this stuff (maybe) for the first time. They need to be equipped to make the right choices. Which, let’s face it…is tough to do.

    I agree Pray, Pray Pray for them. (and each other as parents)
    None of us will do EVERYTHING right~ Thank God for Jesus!! : )

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