The Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders

Kevin Colon turned me on to this excerpt from Neil Cole’s latest book on leadership. (link below) It’s about where Jesus said to go to get leaders in the church.

Here are the things that got me:
1) The resources are in the harvest. That’s where our leaders of the near future should come from.

2) Most churches are sucking from the kingdom and not giving leaders to the kingdom. What is your church doing to farm new leaders, as opposed to just buying them at the grocery store?

3) The leader of the near future woke up this morning with a hangover… in the wrong bed.

4) There are more leaders than we could ever need all around our church right now.

5) We have to beg God for leaders. When was the last time you begged him for leaders in your church or ministry?

6) If there is a problem with the leadership development program in your ministry then you are probably not reaching people for Jesus.

The link: