A Really Crappy Deal

So I’ve been reading through 1 Samuel lately. I’m really lovin’ it. I hope McD’s doesn’t sue me for saying that. :) Anyway, I was reading this morning in Chapter 11. In that chapter, Nahash the Ammonite (a person) had besieged Jabesh Gilead (a town). The MEN of Jabesh said to Nahash “Make a treaty with us, and we will be subject to you.” You KNOW that ticked me off when I read it. I hate it when men capitulate like that. We have to stand up for our families, our churches, our cities, and our countries. We shouldn’t be wusses and just give in. That really drives me crazy. Sometimes, I think a lot of churches in my country are heavily influenced by men like this.

When I read Nahash’s reply to the men of Jabesh, I started laughing. He said, “I will make a treaty with you only on the condition that I gouge out the right eye of every one of you and so bring disgrace on all Israel.” Wow, what a great deal.

If you’re a man reading this, let me encourage you to stand up for what’s right. Don’t give in to the enemy. Your family, church, city, etc are more important than ESPN or whatever your favorite hobby is. Here are a few thoughts about what “standing up” looks like:

  • It’s not protesting in front of the next Willie Nelson concert or something like that. God might lead you to do that but it’s more important IMO to be like Jesus and be a friend of sinners. That MAY one day earn you the PRIVILEGE of explaining your faith to that person, helping them to find a new life in Christ. NEW LIVES=CHANGED LIVES
  • If you’re single, get an education, get a job, build a life that’s worth fighting for… build a life that can support a family.
  • Standing up doesn’t necessarily mean taking up the sword. There is a time and place to join the military. There are times you may have to protect your home with force. But standing up for Jesus doesn’t involve those things. The Bible says our battle is not against flesh and blood. Standing up most of the time means having the courage to love Jesus and be a friend of sinners.
  • You may have to stand alone. Don’t go along with the crowd if they are capitulating.
  • You may have to stand up to your spouse. I’ll definitely get some flack over this. But as a pastor I have seen lots of damage done by wives while the husbands just sat there. I’ve seen great men held back because they couldn’t lead their wives in the right direction. You’ve got to love and respect them or God won’t answer your prayers. You also have to lead them at the same time.
  • Our families, our churches, our cities, our countries… desperately need men to stand up!

2 thoughts on “A Really Crappy Deal”

  1. About the wife comment. I actually agree with you. Husbands do need to stand up and take the place in their home. It was a battle for us at first but it’s really a load off our backs when we finally let go of the power hold for first place in our homes. It doesn’t happen overnight but overtime. And once your let your husband be the head of your home after God, of course, your marriage and family falls into place. So as a wife. I agree with your comment.

    Great message.

  2. As a wife I need to comment on “Stand up to your Spouse”. I totally agree with all that you said. It’s time for men to take the place of being the head in our homes after God of course. Once women can let their husband be first then it takes a load off our shoulders as women. At first it’s a struggle for the women because we sometimes just fill the first position but we have to let our husbands take the first position. Your marriage will be healthy and believe me you won’t regret it.

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