7 Questions for Leaders

At Bay Area, we are always looking to take it to the next level. If you serve in any area, here are a few points to think about:

1) What do you have to do to take the area you lead to the NEXT LEVEL?

2) Do you have an insatiable appetite for excellence or are you settling for 2nd best?

3) I think your view of God determines your level of excellence as you serve him. Let that sink in for a minute. What do you think?

4) At any given point, you should be leading at least 2 people who could replace you. Who are you leading who could replace you?

5) A friend of mine just told me that his team is volunteering at a local kids organization to mentor disadvantaged youth. I love the idea because it involves raising up the next generation of leaders. Who are you raising up to lead?

6) What level of sacrifice is too much for you as you lead God’s people?

7) What are you DOING to reach those who don’t yet know Christ?

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