Excuses, Excuses

I hear a lot of excuses. Especially when people are asked to serve or do something a certain way. Many are totally legit. But sometimes, they are what they are… just excuses. Here are some I hear:

1) “God is in control so it doesn’t really matter what I do.” Wow. God IS in control. No doubt. But we have a part to play. If we didn’t, there would be no need for commandments.

2) “I will pray about it.” Ok, I believe in prayer. I believe in being God directed. But wow, when are we going to just trust that God is big enough to direct our lives. Here is my challenge to you: decide that you are going to do only what God wants you to do then just go for opportunities as they come. Which leads right into #3…

3) “I don’t want to get ahead of God.”  I challenge you to put #2 into practice then see if you really can leave God behind. Do you really think you can outrun God?

4) “I’m too new at this Christian thing.”  There are times when this is a legitimate excuse. The Bible warns not to make someone a pastor while they are a new believer (1 Timothy 3:6). But dang, serving is at the heart of being a Christian. If you are new, that is awesome. But you won’t experience healthy growth until you start to serve. Which leads right to #5:

5) “I don’t have everything I need.” This one covers a lot… skills, talent, money, the perfect plan, etc. Here’s the deal… don’t miss this… you will NEVER have everything you need until you step out to do what God is leading you to do! You learn the skills as you go… the resources and the people you need are in the harvest… God provides as you step out in faith so you will trust Him and give Him the credit. If you are waiting until you have everything you need, you are going to be waiting a LONG time.

6) “I might look foolish if I do this.” Wow! That’s a good reason TO do something! What are you risking for God? What are you doing that SO relies on God that if He doesn’t come through people will laugh at you? It’s time for us to get foolish, people!

Can you think of other excuses people use?

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