What I’m Learning from the Bible right now

I’m reading through 1 Samuel right now. I’ve read through chapter 8. Here are a few things I have learned or have been reminded of:

  • It’s always good to spend time reading God’s word. The way I feel for the entire day is changed for the better.
  • Hannah really wanted a child. She had an understanding husband who loved her no matter what, but she wanted a child. She went to God and declared that if he heard her prayer and gave her a child, she would dedicate the child to the Lord. It’s amazing to me how she stayed focused on the Lord for her request. So often we get impatient and that impatience turns to anger. Next thing we know, we have forsaken God. Hannah stayed focused on God. She knew HE IS THE SOURCE of everything good.
  • When Hannah received what she was praying for, she followed through with her own promise. She weaned the boy, Samuel, and dropped him off at the temple to be raised by the priests to serve the Lord. I would be tempted to just forget the promise I made and keep the baby. ‘I prayed about it, isn’t he MINE?’ That’s what I might say. Hannah realized the baby was a gift from God and didn’t lose sight of that. Dang, Hannah was awesome.
  • Eli was probably a decent guy but he didn’t take leadership in the life of his boys. Big freakin mistake, Eli! His boys REBELLED against God, not just a little but a LOT. Eli seems to just sit back and let it happen. When we see wrong going on around us, we must do something, especially if it is our children. Maybe he thought, “They need to learn a lesson. I can’t control them. I’ll just let them do their own thing.” Parents, take an active role in the life of your kids. It’s your responsibility! By the way, they were killed in battle on the same day due to their actions and Eli’s indifference. Sometimes making people uncomfortable now will later save their life.
  • God’s people don’t always want what is best for them. Parallel Truth: God’s people don’t always want what God wants. God wanted to be their king. They wanted a human king since they had rejected God as king. We’re so stupid sometimes. To everyone who is reading this that is not yet a believer, I’m sorry for the stupid things that God’s people sometimes do. We’re stupid sometimes, but God isn’t. He loves you all the time. Hopefully, somehow, you can see Him in us even though we mess up.
  • God is actively involved in human affairs. I see in what I have read so far that God cares about people and wants to be involved in our lives. He didn’t just create the universe then go on a 5 Billion year vacation. He’s actively involved in life.

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