The Power of a Dream

I just watched the video of Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent” for the first time. The video has over 55 million views on YouTube. She is the current leader on the show. When she came out to sing “I Had a Dream,” people made fun of her. They thought she was another crazy idiot. When she started to sing, she proved them all wrong. The crowd went wild. After the video, check out some of my thoughts about dreams (and maybe add yours).

Some thoughts about dreams:
1) Dreams are some of the most powerful parts of our existence. They lead to change and great things. What’s your God-given dream?

2) This lady’s dream was to sing before crowds. She waited 35 years for that. Have you given up on any of your dreams as the years have gone by?

3) I think one of the saddest parts of death is the death of unrealized dreams. I once read that cemeteries are the richest places in the world because millions of dreams are buried there. Life is too short for us to hold our dreams in. Are you trying to bring your dream to reality?

4) God is a God of big dreams. Do you have a big dream? Is it too big to you for you to act on it? Is your God big enough to use you to bring the dream He has put in you to fruition?

Your thoughts?

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