Failure is not an Option, it’s a REQUIREMENT

I caught this video over at It’s Honda’s story of their many failures over the years. Here’s what I learned from it:

1) Honda is a great company because the leaders encourage FAILURE. “100 failures will lead to a success.”

2) Honda knows what they are about: engines. So they let the engineers do their thing: create and innovate.

3) Since they encourage failure, employees that fail are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and move on, hopefully to fail again.

The implications for the local church are many: Are you afraid of trying anything? What are you failing at right now? Have you learned from your past failures? Has your church fostered an environment of failure? Do you serve a big enough God who can handle your failures? Have you given yourself the freedom to fail? Is your church so big that you don’t “risk it all” anymore? Is your church so small you are afraid to risk anything for fear of failure?

Here’s the vid:

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