Spur Leadership Conference – Mind Dump


That was an awesome conference. This is a dump of what I learned today:

Leadership is helping others be everything they were meant to be. The work of leadership is helping people be better.

You have to love the people you lead.

You have to serve the people you lead.

You have to know the people you lead.

Are you competent to lead and do you care about others? You have to have love AND good deeds. That equates to COMMUNITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. The church gets community but struggles with accountability. The business world gets accountability naturally but doesn’t always get community. We have to have both. As a church leader, I need to bring back or introduce accountability to the people I lead.

It is mind blowing to me how business principles of leadership intersect with Biblical truths. To hear one business leader after another tell me that I need to love people and help them be all they can be was very profound.

All of the talks were awesome. I think Janet and Rocky Mountain hit me the hardest. What they have done in their lives in the area of leadership is amazing.

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