Risky Business

I hope you’ve had a GREAT week! Mine has been a wild ride. Speaking of wild ride let me ask you a question…. How is your RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD? How’s your FAITH? On a scale from ‘bored to tears’ to ‘wild ride’ where does yours fall? It seems that many people in our community are hovering somewhere around ‘bored to tears.’ Why is this? It’s because people aren’t really living a life of FAITH at all. You see, faith is deeply tied to risk. Without risk, there is not much faith. Risking things for God is at the heart of a real and exciting relationship with Christ.  

What are you risking for God? Are you risking your reputation? Your finances? Your life? Your future? Are you attempting anything for God right now that will FAIL if he does not come through? Or are you just trying to stay comfortable? If you’re trying to stay comfortable, you’re probably hovering near ‘bored to tears.’ Staying comfortable isn’t really faith at all. What you need is to exercise your faith. Step out on a limb for God. Take big risks for Him. 

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