Remember the Alamo!


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On my daughters field trip on Friday, we went to the Imax theater and watched a film about the Alamo. What a great story! I was moved to a tear several times. Here are a few themes that hit me:

1) Standing up for what you believe in, no matter the cost. These guys faced certain death at the hands of a much larger army.

2) The price of freedom is blood.

3) Giving the enemy “Hell.” They knew they were going to lose the battle and die. But they were going to make the enemy pay dearly on their way out. Travis said “Our deaths will cost the enemy far more than if we had victory over them.” That’s awesome.

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  1. Thank goodness it was only a single tear, otherwise it would not have been “manly”. lol

    A phrase that gives me pause is “fight like hell”. One time, I was driving and saw the phrase on a billboard and I just thought for a while: What does that mean to fight like hell?

    Surely the devil is aware of his future demise foretold in the Bible and yet he continues anyway hoping to beat the odds. Even though I will not change my mind about “fill in the blank”, the enemy constantly hassles me about it anyway…

  2. Thanks for the comment! In the dialog in the movie, when they said “Let’s give them Hell” they were meaning “Let’s take the biggest toll on our enemy that we can. Let’s make them pay for attacking us.” There is something highly inspiring to me about that. For example, when the Mexican Army raised the “No Quarter” flag, the Texans fired their cannon at it! (I would love to hear from someone if that is a verified historical fact.)

    In the constant spiritual battles we fight, we should give ’em Heaven.

  3. I see now that I did not complete my thought in the comment I made!! Sorry!

    When you mentioned “give them hell” it made me think of “fight like hell”. My point was that “hell” fights us so vigorously even though they know they will lose. And now that I think about it, maybe that is not even what the original phrase meant….but that is what it made of think of.

    We should have the same determination as those men who gave their lives because we know we are on God’s side.If we can’t win, we should still give all we can to the cause of Christ…

    I would call that givin’ em Heaven. Jesus came and died, even though he knew not all would receive Him.

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