My First Mountain Bike Race

I’ve loved to ride mountain bikes for a long time. Since the summer of 07 I have been renewing my passion for the sport. This past Sunday, I competed in my first race! The race was at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, TX. The course was a little over 8 miles long… lots of hills, rocks, and technical stuff. I normally play to win but for this race my goal was just to FINISH. About 20 minutes into the race I broke my chain. Ouch! 45 minutes later I was back in business. The good news is that I did finish the race and I didn’t come in last place!

Here is a little mind dump of my thoughts:
1) Thank you Jesus that I can be 42 years old and participate in an extreme sport!
2) What a great family sport. People of all ages were competing in different categories.
3) I want to camp out at the next race with my whole family. I can see it now… the kids, the kids racing, the tent, the wife, the grilled steaks… need I say more?
4) Did I mention that I was so thankful to God that I can even get out there and do this????

Our next race will be the ‘Mas O Menos’ race in Terlingua in February. We are putting together a San Marcos team to compete in these events and REPRESENT San Marcos. We’re looking for a name. Any suggestions?

One thought on “My First Mountain Bike Race”

  1. Hi there Pastor Randy! Man what a great race it was. I really enjoyed going to Smithville and unwinding. This is definitely going to happen again. I am trying to recruit for our team and hopefully will have a few more the next time we go. We need to also setup a schedule of practice time either between us or possible with Mayo in New Braunfels. I believe that he can give us some really good pointers on preparation. Anyway, good job at the race and next time I am sure that we will do much better.

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