Does God Hate TATTOOS?

Does God Hate TATTOOS? This past Sunday we had a special guest speaker. He read Leviticus 19:28 which says “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.” He didn’t explain it and moved on. I could feel the tension in the room. About half of our congregation has a tattoo. Many of the tats are BC (before Christ) and probably just as many are AC (after Christ). If you are a FOSM regular or just somebody that has a tat, how does this make you feel?

As you think about your answer, I want to ask a few more questions. If his statement bothered you a bit, why did it? Were you bothered by it because you knew the Biblical answer to his statements? Were you bothered because you didn’t see anything wrong with it in your own eyes? What do you think God thinks about it?

I’ll come clean. I have no moral or biblical objections to tattoos. Leviticus 19:28 is part of the Jewish Law. Very few Christian scholars believe it applies to people who are Christ followers. We are not under the law but under Grace. God also says in Leviticus 19:19 “Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.” You never hear a sermon about that. Why? Because it’s Jewish Law, given to the Jews at the time to separate them from everybody else. It taught them holiness among other things. We are not under the law.

There is another verse to think about though. Hebrews 11:6 says “without faith it is impossible to please God…” That means everything we do should be with faith, if we want to please God. If you get a tattoo in faith, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Another way to think about it is this: Can I take Jesus with me when I go to get the tattoo? Would He be proud of it? If so, then knock yourself out.

What about teenagers? Should teenagers get tattoos? It’s up to their parents FIRST! If your parents are against it, don’t do it. When you are on your own, paying your own bills and you still want to do it then go for it. Until then you will have to wait. Your parents are just looking out for you. They remember a friend in High School who tattooed a girlfriend’s name on his arm, only to break up with her two weeks later. And yes, the same answer applies to getting your belly button pierced or anything else that weirds them out.

Ok, one more question… Pastor Randy, do you have any tats? No I don’t. I don’t because I grew up hearing elderly war veterans who had tattoos complain about them. EVERY single tattooed war vet I talked to growing up said “Boy, don’t ever get a tattoo like I did. When you are old and wrinkly like me, the tattoo will look ugly.” I laugh every time I think of someone saying that to me.

Maybe someday when I’m old, I’ll get a tattoo. That way, there won’t be time for it to fade or get ugly… :)

UPDATE: I found a great podcast from John Piper here. He talks about how we view ourselves in light of Christ’s love for us. It’s seven minutes long and really thought provoking.

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  1. I am going to get a tattoo in a little while. The tattoo will be of my sons name on might right arm and my daughters name on my left in a tribal band. I have been a believer for over 20 years and got one when i was 18. since then i have not had any other’s since then. I looked this up to see what the Bible says and God’s command. Its a personal choice and what you choose to take from God’s word. Some interpret things differently. I was raised all over the world as a Independent Baptist Missionary Kid. My Dad and I see things differently on many things such as translations from Hebrew to English, KJV, NASB, Etc. Once i got out from under the what you could not do all the time and did those things i understood that God and I are one on one with each other. Not One on thousands of others opinions and what they believe. I am proud to be a Christian and have been able to invite others more by letting them find the rights and wrongs of there life as oppose to me telling them what is wrong with them and right. Deal with your own walk in life and let others walk with God until they ask for your opinion. Always Pray……..Dan

  2. Why would I mark my flesh? Somebody please give me a sensible reason….what is the purpose? I am not a pirate, a pagan, a slave or a social miscreant. If you are a real follower of Christ you honestly have no business with tattoos. This is not about Jewish law, its about wisdom and understanding. God told the Israel not to wear them because He wanted His people to be different from all the other pagans & idolatrous nations. How is God supposed to recognise you if dampen your light with such unfruitful works? And please don’t hide your sins and wrongful acts behind the Jewish law, or are you saying tithing and first-fruits was only for the Jews as well? If so, then so are all the Old Testament blessings and promises. Seriously if God wanted you to have a tattoo you would have been born with one.

  3. I have many tattoos and to me it is nothing more than an artistic expression. People talk about it being egocentric and whatnot, well how about your hair cut? Getting a certain style to be aesthetically pleasing to yourself is just as conceited and egocentric… maybe you should stop cutting your facial hair for that matter as well. I love my tattoos and the beautiful and amazing people that I concern myself with in my inner circle like them also. I have good morals and family values and treat others with respect regardless of my faith and I believe that is what truly matters… Oh and by the way, knowing that there are people like you out there that”HATE” (such a wonderful christian word btw) tattoos, only make me want to show mine off even get more. I’m glad you don’t like my tattoos. Good luck with the hair.

  4. I have read your artical when i was wondering about how God feels about body ink. I am a EMT and a Firefighter and I have only gotten one tattoo of the Star of life on my shoulder. I have heard many people tell me that it was wronge that God does not allow such desicrations on your body beacuse your body is a temple. It made me ashamed of what I have on my skin. After reading your artical it made me happy and think that God was ok with it beacuse it wasnt something evil or wronge but of a symbol that stood for healing the sick and healping the needy. I am very proud of my work and of the help i do to my town, It made me realize that its not what you do to your skin or how you may alter it but its the choices you make in this life and the good you do. my tattoo wont be on my spirit but just the skin and that God see’s you not ur outward apperance but your inner.

  5. please show where it is “Jewish law”. because as far as I can tell it is GOD’S Law given to the MIXED MULTITUDE at Sanai. What God does hate is xians using pagan practices and claiming they are worshipping Him.

    28 “Be careful to listen to all these words which I command you, so that (AG)it may be well with you and your sons after you forever, for you will be doing what is good and right in the sight of the LORD your God.

    29 “When the LORD your God cuts off before you the nations which you are going in to dispossess, and you dispossess them and dwell in their land, 30 beware that you are not ensnared [p]to follow them, after they are destroyed before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘How do these nations serve their gods, that I also may do likewise?’ 31 You shall not behave thus toward the LORD your God, for every abominable act which the LORD hates they have done for their gods; for (AJ)they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods.

  6. If my body is my temple, and my church is my temple, and we have stained glass windows, or childrens paintings of the Messiah on the wall, then why can I not put scripture on my body?

  7. I am so sad to see christian people judging others like this and attacking people instead of attacking the subject. Dont forget we all serve the same God.

    I sincerely hope that someone with a tattoo, seeking to become a christian and just needed the proper nudge, didnt come across this and read some of your comments because they would have stopped in their tracks and left as some of your comments are basically saying in a nutshell that we arent good enough…and quite frankly as christians…you should be ashamed.

    There are so many verses that clearly state other things that you should not do. Are you saying you all are perfect and havnt knowingly sinned against god? Not that Im saying I am ashamed of my tattoo and what ive done with my body. I have a cross tattood on my upper arm\lower shoulder and I feel that It expresses my commitment to my faith. Everytime I look at my cross…I think of our saviour.

    Yes the verse in the bible says what it does, and if you truly choose to take it as a literal thing in your heart…then dont get a tattoo. But if you are going to run tattooed christians down by being backed up by that verse, you are running down tattoos aswell as earings and guess what? I dont know a single woman that has not got her ears pierced so if you guys are going to take that verse so literally then dont conviniently choose to take it half literal…start judging your wives and any other person that has earings aswell then!
    Understand my point and how you’ve been sounding?

    The verse in the bible was mainly aimed at people who were putting dead peoples names/marks on their body

    I plan to get a bible verse written on my arm aswell for everyone to see so they can ask me “Whats that written on your arm?”. And then two things will happen : 1. Gods message will be spread to that person and 2. My body will become stamped with Gods word which expressses who I am and gives me an extra sense of fulfillment as I will be a walking statement proclaiming Gods word…which is great!

    I will meditate on it for a while just as i did with my first tattoo…and if my saviour thinks his word on my body for the world to see in order to further his kingdom is a bad idea…he will tell me in my heart and i wont have it done

    God bless and may He grant you a clear understanding of the topic at hand at the end of the day

  8. To Frank Mitchell… I adore religion; there is a part of me that allows myself to live life still ackowleding that most of it may not be true as there is really not much that would suffice in court to prove it to be factual. The ten commandments are hard enough to live by without including mosaic law as a standard for Christians to follow. As most of it pretained to the exiled Jews, it wasn’t meant to be followed indefinitley and as Christ says, let the ones free from sin cast the first stone. Egyptian tattoos are different in meaning and significance that what we have today and modern tattoos rarely symbolize the authority of pagan gods or veneration of ghost. Too many people feel it necessary to have negative opinions about the things they don’t opt to do. P.S. About the birth control comment… You should keep that theory to yourself; it likely makes sense to no one but you… Samson a Judge ordained and empowered by god like a little extra-marital nook nook here and there so hey; whats good for the Nazerite tribune is likely not the biggest crime in the world to the maker of universes.

  9. I find it quite amusing that “Christians” will condemn those with ink on their skin and find it ok to do everything else that the bible “condemns”.

    I grew up in a Pentecostal church. In case you weren’t aware, we are a pretty strict bunch.

    BUT… you cannot use one verse alone in the bible to argue YOUR belief, YOUR opinion without reading the surrounding verses.

    People have always twisted the words around to suit their own lives. How do we even know what is true anymore?

    By the way folks… it also says not to eat any unclean animal with a cloven hoof… How many of you had bacon, steak, hot dogs, ham, burgers, etc this week?

    Now, if you read the surrounding verses of that very verse, you will find that is not the entirety of it.

    It’s just funny that tattoos seem to be the only one “picked” on in the bible when there are so many others that “Christians” do EVERY day and then condemn their inked brother or SISTER…

    People wonder why young people aren’t in church. Get off your high horses already then. Welcome all people, and be compassionate. Stop judging others and only preaching what YOU believe.

    By judging and condemning others, you are only condemning yourself.

    -Proudly inked Christian

  10. ‎”Leviticus 19:26-31 deals with pagan practices and God’s prohibitions against adopting those practices. In verse 28, God is warning the Jewish people about a pagan practice at funerals, where pagans would mutilate/mark themselves to appease their false gods. The pagans hoped that by cutting themselves and marking images/symbols of idols on their bodies, that they would obtain favour in the afterlife from their false gods, both for themselves and for those who just died.”

  11. i”m a Salvationst and have been for 15 years (Salvationist) and a Christian (not obsessed with it tho but i do adhere to the Salvation Army rules and do wear the uniform) and YES i’ have 6 tattoos and plan to get more! They are all AC! Tattoos are so empowering and provide more comfort and strength than even God himself does! While he projects hardships on us tattoos do not! They inspire and provide necessary courage! Sadly we live in a bible thumping society and it’s these rabid thumpers who are the biggest hypocrites and sinners! i’ve lived more of a Christian than a majority of the people at the corps i’attend and most of them were raised in the church from birth! it’s these judgmental evil thumpers who are the world’s problem not tattoos. Those who condemn us just because we have tattoos that inspire us (one of mine is a cross w/ roses and my father’s name – he passed from cancer 2 years ago) should put forth an effort to understand why tattoos exist in this world and why some of us choose to get them. i figure if people don’t support my tattoos and the reasons behind them then they are not worthy of my love or friendship and find themselves disowed even if it’s family. i’ have no room in my life for judgmental souls nor condemnation just because i’have tattoos. A devout Christian does not project prejudice. Some of you on here are and the article screams it loud and clear. Some of you need serious therapy not God. Some of you on here are spewing hatred and are obviously controlling condemning your wives for getting a tattoo LOL! HER body HER choice! Divorce is a sin in itself! Divorcing someone over something so minor as a tattoo says to me that some need to search within for the reasons behind their own issues because if a husband verbally condemns his wife about a tattoo means that yes he does have issues and deeply routed ones.

  12. i guess that those bible thumpers on here who condemn us tattoo lovers believe that childbirth – c sections – and surgery is against the bible too since all involve cutting. Some of you are very pathetic screwed up thumpers!

  13. Jesus was a Jew. Jesus said He did not come to change or throw the Law into the trash…we are free in Christ and Grace grows us – freedom in Christ does not mean disregard the law. The old testament laws are not thrown out just because Jesus was sent to save us. Christ in us makes us want to be obedient. As stated in some comments above, it clearly states in the Leviticus to not put marks on our skin. It seems it we water this edict down, then we pander to the world and, well, why not just throw all those laws in the trash? No repentance, no changed life – just Grace covers it all, right?

  14. I wanted to get a tatoo but I was wondering if u should get a it or not. I goolgled God and tatoos n I found this blog. I made my conclusion (after reading every single post), yes I’m getting my tatoo because after all, its not what I do with my body that will help me to be saved but my actions,my heart.and if my tatoo means something to me and doesn’t mean anything that has something to do with the devil,I think that its not a bad idea to get one.

    As one of the people said,christian only want to believe what suit them and I agree

  15. Our bodies don’t leave earth. The bible says it will return to dust. What we take with us is our spirit. The pure light of God that was bestowed in us when we were created. I refuse to believe that God would reject anyone for having tattoos. What matters is our character, our heart and how we treat each other while on earth.

  16. Here is the real question ….Why would God hate anything? The creator of all. Hate is a human emotion

  17. tattoos are the thought or unthoughts of a liberal society, thet will be judged before GOD one day not by me,im just giving u things to think about,,look where amrerica has gone to since the liberal thinkers have taken control,, only hell cld be worse,, so paint ur bodies,, the devil loves paint,,,,,

  18. YUK tattoos ! Marks for criminal jailbirds and sailors or PAGAN tribes ! NOT the “cool, hip”, thing these lost youth think they are . . . no matter the design -the moment I see one I think White trash, criminal, drug-user, jailbird, young, confused, and suffering terrible from a lack of good taste, and any upbringing . . NOT COOL, UGLY, and UNDEREDUCATED ! GROSS ! NASTY and SLUTTY and just plain GARBAGE !!!!!!!!!!!! You will wish you never did that to yourself .. just give it time . . .laser’s hurt and don’t always get them off. . ouch ! PUKE !

  19. Chances are, what we are really asking is, do I have the justification to do a really selfish act that most likely will be offensive to the one you love. Getting a tattoo is making a life long statement that most likely you will not have in five years, and your love ones will not have in five seconds. That is after the shock that you had multiple needles to inject ink into your skin, that from the moment you do it, your body is trying to reject it. So does God like tattoos? Perhaps the question should be: does God like selfish acts that hurt relationships?

  20. the bible says not to cut yourself up or mark yourself to comemorate the dead. it doesnt mean its a sin to get a tattoo. its only a sin if it comemorates the dead because its a paganistic practice. if you get one that comemorates god and only him, then its safe.

  21. Hi, I’ve been reading the comments here about INK and EARINGS! I am a Christian first and a Biker Second! I do have a tattoo and had an earing. Well the hole for the earing has closed up and the tattoo is becoming dull. I suppose hear we need to put the Lord First instead of talking about what “I” want and tring to justify your tattoo or earings and change the Lords words around to fit your ajenda.
    I am older now and feel that the tattoo that i got was truly against the word of God. I have asked for forgiveness for obstructing the tempal of My God. I am a sinner and because of that I will want to sin. I ask God daily to give me strength to overcome these temptations that try to make me sin against God. Tattoos are sinful and so are earrings and I’m talking from the heart here. Lets NOT change The Word of God to fit our needs, We really need to change our ways to fit the needs of God and give of ourselves to Him in Spirit and in the things we do daily!! If you have a tattoo or an earring then ask for forgiveness and sin no more! It will all be “Ok” and God shall forgive you!!

  22. I have two views on the subject. My first understanding is that even though the old law does apply to the new testament…there are still basic fundamental truths. You wouldnt disregard the ten commandments ‘thou shall not murder’ because it’s old law. The point I am making is that some things are just plain and simple. Yes the bible says not to tattoo or put cuts or marks in the body. The problem I see with tattoo”s is that alot look evil or idol worship. If a tattoo was done in a beautiful way (like a flower, animals or nature) not in with anything pagan, ugly or spirtual connected. Because if you think about it a tattoo, even if a spirtual one.. is type an idol and god does’nt like that(worship should be done through spirit not images). For a female the torso is the most feminine place to have one. Aslong as you arent using your tattoo for power or spirtually. In an unperfect world we look for beautiful things to look at. As long as your not hiding your the look of your body or putting them in places that are disrespectful. Be tasteful…less is more. If it bothers your conscience dont get one.

  23. Before you condemn a tattoo think about female ear piercing or male circumcision done in old law times. Use discretion in how you treat your body is the message the bible send’s. The point I make strong is not to get tattoo images that are spiritual related or get tattoo images that have dark themes.

  24. There is a big difference between hanna tattoo and the cutting that goes on with regular tattoos. All I know is a tattoo is a really great way to piss off a love one. To have a permanent mark which someone you love will always hate is foolish. Suggest trying something less permanent, so if you get a negative reaction your not stuck with your bad decision

  25. God Himself will decide if your tattoos were for Vanity or for Honor or for Cult worship, or for any kind of worship. The reason behind the tatoo is what everyone should be concerned about, not the actual tattoo.

  26. Leviticus 19:26-31 deals with pagan practices and God’s prohibitions against adopting those practices. In verse 28, God is warning the Jewish people about a pagan practice at funerals, where pagans would mutilate/mark themselves to appease their false gods. The pagans hoped that by cutting themselves and marking images/symbols of idols on their bodies, that they would obtain favour in the afterlife from their false gods, both for themselves and for those who just died.

    That IS what this means.

  27. Men with tattoos looks funny to me. I do not like guys who have tattoos. It is not sexy.

  28. Oh cmon…. What about a cross tattoo… And a bible verse tattoo…. And what about angel wings tattoo

    Is that wrong… Will that be a rebellion against God, is it a sin to get tattoo(s). Is it a crime?

  29. I believe that any man that has any form of tattoo on will be cast in the LAKE OF FIRE!! Take the tattoos off of all of you’s and repent!

  30. Matthew 5:17

    “Don’t misunderstand why I have come. I did not come to abolish the law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No, I came to accomplish their purpose.” (Jesus speaking)

    I’m sorry, God is not this user friendly God that will just smile down upon you at whatever you do. He set these laws on purpose. We are to abide by them as much as we can. I don’t think my creator would be too pleased if I marked the body he gave me.

  31. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been a regular at church in a very long time. I was however raised in a Christian home and still believe GOD has a place for me as I do him. I’ve read all of the comments on this page. What i see is everyones interpretation of the scripture. Not a right or wrong way to live by the scripture. I’ve always been taught and raised not to judge others. Many of you on here are judging others by using your own interpretation of the scripture. Alot of the strict and old fashioned ways are gone or unheard of too many young people. The scripture was written long long ago. We live in a different day and age and people express themselves in many different ways now than before. In our own life time we all knew a time that the interenet wasn’t around to “blog” about topics such as this. It is my belief that God created us all equal and with different talents and means of expressing ourselves. Some use bumper stickers. Some use t-shirts. Some use conversation. Some use the internet. Last but not least, some use tattoos. I do not have a tattoo. I would have one, I just would want it to be something that meant alot to me that I would carry and cherish forever. To judge someone for expressing themselves by using tatoos is a sin of it’s own. I’m happy for those that have found things in life that mean enough to them to show off to the world on a permanent basis. Lets pretend i’m an outsider and never heard the word…some of you would turn me away before i ever stepped foot in the door of another church. The ridicules and hypicritical ways mentioned on here are what drove me away as a young teenager. I saw judgemental people at my families church over and over. Not just at Church but outside of church as well. A Christian in my eyes should be spreading the word, bringing more people to GOD and GOD’s ways. Not bringing people to our interpretations. Spread the scripture and let them choose their own interpretation of it. Once they’ve done that they will walk their own path with God and he will choose their eternal path. I personaly disagree with some of the comments ridiculing people for having tatoos however that is how GOD created us. Equal and with our own minds to interpret things. Therefore i took the time to read all of the haters comments too and give them an honest thought. Instead of HATING the idea of a tatoo or anything else for that matter try to accept the idea of a new era, and new ways to express themselves and in some cases spread the word. When judgement day is here we will all be judged. Since we should all know that then we dont have to spend our time here on earth judging anyone. it’s going to be done for us. when that time comes i believe we will all be sitting on the same pugh as equal sinners.

    P.S… I felt touched today because i was doing good things for others. It brought me back to God this morning. So i just GOOGLED the word GOD because i wanted to see what the world had to say about him. I found this blog. Good times and great conversation on here. Just remember, none of us are right or wrong. God will determine the outcome for all of us. So dont waste too much time hating things or people for being different. It’s only going to get you a seat next to them on that pugh I mentioned.

  32. i have several tatoos. none of my tats were done in the name of the dead. i have all 3 of my sons names, and my daughter’s name with a butterfly- the butterfly is a sign of rebirth, or resurrection! i have the christian fish, cross and the trinity symbol. i also have the hebrew symbol for christ or christo. tats can be a way to reach out to others, When people ask why you choose to have that certian tattoo, or ask why i choose to get a tat at all, i can honestly say it was in the name of god. prehaps instead of judging people with tats unrightiously you should research more.
    saying tats are gross just falls on deaf ears because i see beauty in all art. the amount of judgements on here with people saying tats are white trash,or criminal, drug-user, jailbird, young, confused, and suffering terrible from a lack of good taste, and any upbringing , NOT COOL, UGLY, and UNDEREDUCATED,GROSS , NASTY and SLUTTY and just plain GARBAGE ……….i think GOD alone can only make those judgements ESPECIALLY since i have them myself , i have been a neuroligist for 10 years now, white-but not trash,nasty,confused or any other of these judgements. ANYWAY God doesn’t make trash.

  33. Tattoos are ugly. It’s still going against God’s wishes to have one – and no matter how much everyone tries to justify it, ie. it’s okay to have Jesus’ name tattooed – no it isn’t. Temple of the Lord is correct. Why abuse your body and be dissatisfied with it! It’s a fetish to have pain inflicted to your body. Do what you want, but justify the reason to God when you die. Good luck

  34. I have a tattoo that says, “Forgive me, Father, For I have Sinned” does it mean that I don’t believe in him? And by the way the original version of the Verse you gave doesn’t have the word TATTOO. Because the word tattoo doesn’t exist by that time.

  35. Everyone agree that in the Old Testament, God forbid his people to paint there bodies. So if you did it was a transgression of the law of God. Now fast-forward to the Cross. We also agree that the Cross of Christ redeemed us from the law. Now, why do you want to go back to what God has set-us free from. I’m just saying…do what you please but God paid a heavy price for our redemption…lets give him more respect than this. Love you all, in Jesus Name.

  36. I do have mixed feelings on this subject. I do have tattoos and I would like more. But I wasn’t exactly living in Christ when I got them. I will not go to hell because of my tattoos. I also won’t go to hell for eating bacon, etc, etc. But, if it isn’t glorifying God should I do it? And does he really want me to put a bible verse on myself permanently? I haven’t reconciled the dichotomy in my mind, therefore I haven’t added more tattoos.

    Having said that, I must admit, if Christians are going to use the argument that tats are marring our temples, I challenge them to pay attention to what they consume everyday. Few people adhere to healthy eating and drinking habits anymore and I can scarcely believe that stuffing your faces with excess fat and sugar is honorable to your said temple of God. After all, tattoos aren’t responsible for heart disease, liver failure, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, kidney failure…I think you get it. No, the food and drink that we consciously and willingly consume day in and day out are responsible for it. Tell me then, how do you folks outwarding judging people with tats plan to answer for doing all of THAT to your temples?

  37. Well Leviticus 19:28 tells you not to get them! He is a forgiving God but why knowingly go out and do something when it’s clearly stated that its sin. The first tattoo was Cain and he was marked so people would no that God would judge him not others. The bible says your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit and for you to tattoo it up is like putting graffiti on the outside of your house. No one wants to live in a house that’s marked all over. But by Gods grace and mercy we are forgiven if we repent but we can’t continually sin knowingly or you’ll be turned over to a reprobate mind. Down through history tattoo’s have been used as a mark to show who you belong to. Belonging to YHWH you are marked by the way you live. Who are you marked by?!

  38. I am so glad my children do not go to your campus! ‘Sounds as if you would say to them to do anything against God’s Laws written in Leviticus. Shame on you! You are teaching false doctrine! God says in His Holy Word;
    (Romans 3:31) Do we then cancel out the law by faith? Absolutely not! On the contrary we uphold the law.
    (Matthew 5:17 – 20) Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of of a pen, will by any means disappear from the law until everything is accomplished. Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

  39. God made it very clear that people that follow him, should not get
    tattoo’s, or cuttings on thier body, its an insult to his creation.
    Its beginings are in Paganism, and Nature worship, so its a spiritual

    And if you get so called Christian Tattoo’s thats even worse, its an open
    sign of Rebellion and Rebellion is the original sin.

  40. Thanks for your comment :-) To go by the Leviticus law is to nullify the work of Christ. In Acts, the early Christians asked the gentile believers to abstain from sexual immorality and drinking blood. They agreed that was all the gentiles needed to follow of the law. Our “law” as gentiles is Christ. God bless!

  41. Why are people trying to justify getting a tattoo? I’ve got 3 tattoos from before I became a born again christian, and I feel guilt everytime I look at my tats. I’ve prayed about tattoos, and this is what I’ve got out of it: Use the tattoos as a reminder of what NOT to do. Not once have I heard any good feedback, through prayer, about getting tattoos. To anyone trying to say, “I’ve got my kids name on me”, or, “I’ve got a beautiful creature on my body”, think about what you said… You’re trying to manipulate the word of GOD to suit your needs. Do you think God the father has a tattoo of Jesus on him? Pull your head out of your ass, ok? We are made in HIS image, and HE told us very clearly NOT to get any markings, whatsoever on our bodies. There’s only one more thing I have to say about people… we are sinners, yes, we can repent, but did you really think about it? We will sin everyday because we’re humans; we were all sinners as soon as we were born, but when we’re born again, and we keep pursuing what our past selves would want, aren’t you reverting back to what you were before you were saved? The only difference is this: You can’t outsmart God, don’t fool yourselves. God will judge EVERYONE when we die, but isn’t it easier to save yourself money, follow what the bible says and quit lying to yourself? Getting a tattoo is like, slapping what Christ did on the cross, right in the face. It doesn’t matter what the tattoo means to you… what does that tattoo mean to God? And trust me, you can’t justify having bible verses on your body as pleasing to the lord, I have a cross on my leg that stares at me daily will regret… I’ve only had that feeling, on all my tattoos, since I’ve been a born again christian. If you need to have a bible verse that you love to represent, use your brain, memorize it.

  42. Wow! Im a 42 year old Christian woman and have been debating about getting a tattoo. I definitely believe and know that I am under the covenant of grace but Jesus came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it. I also believe that we are not to defile our temples by putting bad things in them or on them as stated in the new testament. I know also that whatever is not done in faith, is sin.”. And finally, I’ve been told that if you don’t have peace about something, then don’t do it. Therefore, my decision is NOT to get the tattoo. At least not right now anyway. My conscience is not allowing me to and until I am “fully persuaded” in my own mind, I simply cannot do it.

  43. Let’s put it simple, if you as a human being don’t like some food you simply dont like it, no matter if it is cooked here in America, China or where else. It is what it is,you don’t like it. If you get tattoos before coming to the Lord, he will forgive you, but if you are getting tattoos after being christian you would not make God any happy because HE DO NOT LIKE IT no matter if you are Jew or Gentile.
    Don’t try to make God fit your vanity.

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