If You Needed a Reason to Invite Someone

My friend Bil Cornelius found this video. If you ever needed a reason to invite someone to church this weekend, this is it. If you are a believer, this should rock your brain. After you’ve watched it, take a minute to read this post.

One thought on “If You Needed a Reason to Invite Someone”

  1. Amazing video…here’s a guy who doesn’t believe in God, and yet has such a command of rational thought, priorities, and personal responsibility that I cannot claim that I have myself. I am far more cowardly. It’s amazing to me…and here he is able to recognize the genuine thoughts and actions of his opponent (in terms of world view). And he gives such credence to the essence of how that person communicated his concern to proselytize him to post a very thoughtful and candid video about it…is amazing. I think many atheists are closer to the truth than they realize, or than anyone gives them credit for. I am convicted by my own lack of conviction and courage by seeing and hearing people like Penn. He says in this video that one good man doesn’t change his view, but I think it did make a dent, and you can see the gears turning in Penn’s thoughts all because this one guy showed him Love from God that was in his heart. That is convicting and convincing to him and me! I love this kind of stuff, but I also have to look at myself and ask why I am not more courageous and effective in my faith.

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