Your Greatest Legacy – (Thirty Things I’ve Learned as a Leader 2/30)

The demands on a leader are high… People need lots of attention, help, counseling, encouragement, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. But the people you lead are not your greatest legacy! They are very important. You will definitely have some kind of legacy with them. But your greatest legacy lies closer to home… your greatest legacy is your children.

Leadership at its most basic definition in just influence. Nobody on earth will be more influenced by you than your children. God has made them to learn from adults. He has given the responsibility of raising them to you. It would be a total shame to get to the end of our lives and look back and see successful work and fruitful ministry but to see failure in the raising of our own children. Make them a priority in your live, right after God and your spouse (in that order). Don’t put it off either. Before you know it they will be grown.

Here are a few “diagnostic” questions:
1) Are your children more or less likely to grow up and love God because of what they see in your life?

2) Are there areas in your life that you know need to be changed because your kids are watching?

3) How’s it going with your spouse? Do your kids see you being affectionate to each other?

4) Which is given a higher level of importance in your life: work, your children, or the community?

5) Did what you just read make you feel encouraged, discouraged, or angry?

3 thoughts on “Your Greatest Legacy – (Thirty Things I’ve Learned as a Leader 2/30)”

  1. Good word, Randy. Now that Dorinda and I are empty nesters with two kids in college, we can praise the Lord for the blessings that our children are to us. They continue to bless us every day. God is good. It is a hard battle for kids to fight these days. They are up against incredible pressure. If they see mom and dad cave, they will cave. But if mom and dad keep holding up the ideal and love them through every ordeal, the results will glorify and honor God.

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