Worst Movie Ever, So Far

Ok, my previous “Worse Movie Ever So Far” award went to “The Medallion.” Did anybody ever figure out that movie? Confusing and boring. The deadly duo. The good part? The last 30 minutes I slept like a baby. It was truly some of the most relaxed sleep I have ever had! The movie was that bad.

Well, sorry “Medallion,” you just lost your spot! As of last night, there is a new “Worst Movie Ever, So Far.” Medallion, you hung on for a long time, but your out. So… drum roll please… the new “Worst Ever Movie, so Far” goes to “Dragon Wars.” I can’t believe they got away with that one. It was so lame. For example, the movie is called Dragon Wars, plural with an ’s.’ At the beginning of the show they had a logo for the movie. It said “D-War.” Yep, singular, no ’s.’ Well, downhill from there.

I will say this… the movie was supposed to be serious but it gave us a lot of laughs. Congratulations, Dragon Wars!

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