I’ve been thinking alot this week about evangelism. Why? Well for sure because it’s always good to think about. But this week I’m thinking about it because of our current series, ‘Fanatic.’ I talked Sunday about worshipping in spirit and in truth. Well today Acts 1:8 jumped out at me because it says WHEN the Holy Spirit comes on us THEN we will be his witnesses. The Bible also says that God inhabits the praises of his people.  Do you see where I’m going with this? In a very real way, when we become WORSHIPPERS we will become WITNESSERS (if that ain’t a word it is now!) Are you a witness for Jesus? Who are you loving right now into a real relationship with Christ? Who are you inviting to church this weekend?

We worship in spirit and in truth. What are you doing to increase your TRUTH LEVEL? Two suggestions: 1) get in his word, the Bible and 2) (for local folks) Come to the LeadNow conference this Saturday. The tickets are $50 and can be purchased on our website at fosm.net… Senior pastors of other churches are free. You can come for free if you will volunteer to help. Talk to veronica :aat:: fosm dot net to sign up to volunteer…

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  1. Did you read Steven furtick today(innovators, imitators and idiots)? Good stuff! He has been excellent lately.

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