What’s on my mind right now (11-10-08)

1) FOSM was awesome yesterday. Zach and Jarrod, both new at leading worship, led for the first time. God is up to something with these guys. I almost got saved again.

2) Yesterday at FOSM our attendance was down a little from the week before. At the same time, there were over 50,000 people within 5 miles of us that were not in church anywhere. We have a lot of work to do FOSM! Who can you invite to church next Sunday? On a similar note, we need to do something risky and half-crazy to reach more people.

3) I spoke yesterday about “The Kind of Worship God Likes.” I was excited to bring this message. I got to share lots of cool insights that God gave me. It was based on Ezra 3 and inspired by a talk that Steven Furtick gave on “rebuilding an altar of worship.”

4) My favorite point yesterday was talking about how some of us serve a little bitty God that we can keep in our pocket. It felt like God was all over that.

5) God wants to do something huge in my life and at FOSM.

6) My brain and mouth didn’t want to work together yesterday when I first got started. Do you ever feel like that?

7) PhatAttack, my fantasy football team, seems to want to stay around a .500 average. Why? I have a sucky defense, tight end, and kicker. I am also a little weak in the WR area. Oh yeah, my quarterbacks suck too. Other than that, I can’t figure out why we aren’t winning more.

Eight) College football is awesome! My aggies got spanked. Doh! Alabama and Texas won. Texas Tech spanked OSU. It doesn’t get much better than this.

9) Cowboys and the Redskins play this coming Sunday. Best game of the year? I think it might be. What are your thoughts on the game?

10) If you are not scared about failing at something you are attempting for God, then maybe you are not going for a big enough goal. Thanks @bburgi for making me think about that today.

2 thoughts on “What’s on my mind right now (11-10-08)”

  1. Good thoughts – i thought yesterday’s service was awesome. If only we can get more people to hear and experience what’s going on… spread the excitement.

  2. Your message was great. It gave me a lot to think about and I’m even stepping out of my litte bubble to do the message on Wednesday with the Youth about Relationships and who they actually have a relationship with and who they should have a relationship with. That’s all I can say on that but I even got my daughter in to help me and I told her what I wanted on a powerpoint and she took it over from there. She was really pumped about it. I think when we get our kids invovled in our ministry no matter how small they really feel like they did something awesome and I’m really excited that she wanted to help out. Your doing a great job and I’m proud to be on your team!

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