Tuesday Mind Dump

Man, a lot of great stuff in the past few days. Here’s what’s on my mind right now:

1) Making videos is really hard work -check out the “running with the bulls” posts to see what I mean.

2) Tuesday morning men’s breakfast – Wow. We met this morning at 6:30am. We’re going through 2 Timothy. Today we talked about “grace” and how NONE of us has any business doing anything for God. BUT (that’s a big but), His grace is sufficient for me. That means He’s got me covered. What an awesome thought to know He can use me to make a different world.

3) Sunday at FOSM – What an awesome Sunday! I’ve mentioned before that this was a difficult year for FOSM. But God continues to amaze me. God has taken some faithful people who stuck through the difficult times and is continuing a great work. Sunday, two people turned their lives to Christ. 9 or 10 first time guests picked up a free gift from us, a coleman water cooler with some cool info about FOSM inside. The excitement of the new people is so encouraging. One man, who gave his life to Christ during the service, came up to me after the service. He said that he had given up on church a long time ago. He thought church was boring and irrelevant. He thanked me and FOSM for offering something fun and relevant to people like him.

4) This weekend, we kicked off our FOOLPROOF series. We talked about making the best decisions by asking the RIGHT question: “In light of my past experiences, my current circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what is the WISE choice for me to make?” That’s a tough question to ask.

5) Fantasy Football Week 1 – Yikes! San Marcos Phat Attack (Austin and I) LOSES to Team Stacy by THREE points! Steven Jackson, where were you?!?? Wakeup Willie Evans!! Maybe next week!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Mind Dump”

  1. Hey Randy

    I read your blog and saw your video. YOU NEED HELP!!!! It looks like you were having fun and that’s what counts. Have a great day.

    Mike McCoog

  2. I love the BLOG! I am communicating with Ronnie Clark (Karlin’s husband) and he is wondering if we are still looking for a worship leader. Are we? I wasn’t sure.

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