Something I’ve been thinking about lately…

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the undying optimism of the everyday Christian.

There are a lot of “world views” out there. Some people are all about the RULES. They want to outlaw all forms of entertainment. No football, no parties, no fun. They want to put so many rules on people there is no way they could possibly keep them. Other people don’t want to have any rules at all. “If it feels good, do it” they say. Or, “As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone then it is ok.” All of those world views are out there. If you subscribe to one of those world views, I respect your choice.

I have a different world view. I love being a Christian. It’s not alway easy. Jesus tells me that I will face persecution just because I love Him (John 15:20). I know I will face troubles. I know all of that. But I also know this… following Christ has put an UNDYING sense of optimism in me. Sure, I get depressed and discouraged regularly. Who doesn’t? But I always come back to HOPE… hope that God’s church will prevail, hope that He wants the best for me and my family, hope that the Gospel will change the world. It’s awesome to serve the God of hope.