Sep 28

Here’s what’s going on in my world today:

1) Fantasy Football Update – I lost last week! I had 128.5 points and still LOST! Lee Evans has 6 points after three weeks. He’s on the bench for sure this week. We started this league at FOSM to help people connect with each other. I tell you, it has been one of the best things we have ever tried. There are 14 teams involved. We’re spending a lot of time hanging out, talking trash, etc. Super cool.

2) Sean turned 7 this week! – Time flies, whether you are having fun or not. It seems like yesterday that we had him. Now he is seven years old. The combined years of age of my kids is 29 now. Wow! We’ve got a cool backyard camp out party planned for tonight. SPOILER WARNING – This Sunday I’m talking about using your time wisely. Man, this birthday really brings it all home.

3) Delegate, delegate, delegate

4) Romo! I told you he would have an awesome year. Let’s see if he can keep it up and take the ‘Boys to Super Bowl glory. It’s been a while. It would be nice to see it again. Great to see McNabb finally kickin some rear.

5) Sunday – I’m pumped about Sunday. Funny video intro about wasting time… Kenny Chesney song to close it out. It’s really got me thinking about how I spend my time.

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