How to Grow Your Church

I know it’s pretty simple but here it is, as I see it:

1) Attend church

2) Invite PeopleĀ  (your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, checkers at HEB, etc. etc)

3) Bring your tithe

4) Serve at church

I’ve left some stuff out for the sake of simplicity. What am I assuming here? What did I leave out? Leave your comment below.

Are you ready for a MISSIONARY MOVE?

It’s time for a missionary move.

At Bay Area Fellowship San Marcos, we’ve had 75 FIRST TIME visitors in the last 3 weeks. 21 of them have FOUND CHRIST. 63% of the 75 came to the 11:30am service! We need space in that service so new people can fit.

Are you ready to make a MISSIONARY move? Start attending Sundays at 10am or 1pm, or Saturday nights at 5pm or 6:30pm. Your move could mean that somebody finds Christ!

Click here for a map: