Monday Mind Dump

Here’s what’s on my mind, Monday afternoon, January 12:

1) FOSM yestarday was AWESOME. I know I always say that but…. Todd Mayo rocked, the sound guys kicked tail, we had lots of new faces, and the talk really challenged me. It was a blast doing the talk, by the way.

2) FOSM’s volunteer staff met afterwards with our new Home Team guru, Marty Mosher. (Marty started at FOSM on Jan 1 of this year. I’m excited about the energy and freash ideas he brings to the table.) The meeting with Marty was encouraging and challenging. Way to go Marty.

3) Wow, the Monday funk is strong today even after coffee. I hope everyone I saw at the gym this morning knows I wasn’t mad at them. Or that I wasn’t hoping to start a fight.

4) Speaking of gym… it’s time for the “Eight Week, Weigh Down, Throw Down” update… drum roll please… all week 1 totals are in… I’m in 5th out of 22 people with 2.4775 percent body weight lost! I’m just a pound or two from first place. If I only hadn’t eaten those three pieces of pizza yesterday! 7 more weeks to go.

5) Had a great talk with my friend Tony at the coffee shop today. It’s fun to talk with people who don’t believe the same as me and are also intellectually honest.

6) 24 last night was OFF THE CHAIN. Bic pen in the eye baby! Can’t wait until tonight’s episode.

7) FOSM volunteer/leaders meeting at 5:30 today. Can’t wait!

8) Can’t wait until Sunday! Crazy message on RISK from the story of Jonathan and his sword bearer taking on the Philistines in 1 Samuel 14.

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