Is Jesus Really the Divine Son of God?

Maybe I shouldn’t get into these kind of debates, but I commented on a video on Youtube where the guy said that since Adam was a son of God then Jesus was just a man because He was also a son of God. I tried to be respectful, but here is what I said (well mostly what I said because I had to trim out some words to fit):

It’s ok if you have you own beliefs but you are misinterpreting the Bible. Adam is a son of God. The Bible says so. Jesus is also a son of God in the same sense as Adam. BUT Jesus is also the ONLY unique DIVINE son of God in a completely different sense. Look at the prophecy in Daniel 7:9-14. It clearly talks about God (divine) and the Son of Man who is also divine. That is why the Jews wanted to kill Jesus for BLASPHEMY in Mark 14:62-63. By claiming to be the Son of Man from Daniel 7 he was claiming to be God. Like I said, having your own beliefs is fine but the Bible reveals God as divine Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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