Ike Update – Friday 4:00PM


He’s barreling down on us… Ike that is. Is he a he or an it? Anyway, IT should hit Texas sometime in the next few hours. People are wondering “What about FOSM? Are we canceling church? Can I bring my REFUGEE family members to church with me?”

Here’s the deal:
1) We aren’t canceling church (most likely). Most of the hurricane should miss us. Even if we get some bad stuff it should be gone by Sunday morning anyway. So, as of now (Friday afternoon), we aren’t canceling. Check back here (randybryan.com) this weekend to see if anything changes.

2) Can I bring my REFUGEE family and friends with me on Sunday? YES, YES, and YES! We are ready for them. The message Sunday should be awesome. What if they aren’t Christian? That’s cool. If they come, they will hear a message that makes sense and applies to there life. If they don’t come, you should come anyway. Why let them take you away from God. Just let them know your going regardless and would love for them to come with you.

Check back this weekend for updates. For awesome weather updates, go to StormPulse.com.

God bless,


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