Aug 21

It’s time for a missionary move.

At Bay Area Fellowship San Marcos, we’ve had 75 FIRST TIME visitors in the last 3 weeks. 21 of them have FOUND CHRIST. 63% of the 75 came to the 11:30am service! We need space in that service so new people can fit.

Are you ready to make a MISSIONARY move? Start attending Sundays at 10am or 1pm, or Saturday nights at 5pm or 6:30pm. Your move could mean that somebody finds Christ!

Click here for a map:

Jul 20

If you missed the message this weekend at BAF San Marcos, you missed one of the most awesome messages ever!!! We’ve uploaded it to vimeo so you can watch it. :) It’s super important so make time to see it…

Pastor Bil’s Multi-Site Vision Message 7-11-10 from Randy Bryan on Vimeo.

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