Always Find the Good in Others – (Thirty Things I’ve Learned as a Leader 3/30)

I sat in awe at my mother’s funeral. As I heard friend after friend share what my mother meant to them, I realized there were traits my mother had that I hadn’t noticed before. I saw so many things I started taking notes. I didn’t want to forget what I heard. I already knew I had an awesome mother that I loved very much. I was just overlooking some things.

For example, my mom was tenacious. She fought like heck after her stroke to get back on her feet and to get moving forward in her life. That’s just one of many traits I saw. After the funeral, I was reflecting on what I heard. I asked myself the question “Why do people have to die before you realize how awesome they were?” The truth is, you don’t!

I learned something that day. Years of advice I had received from others started making sense… You have to always try to look for the good in others. I know that everyone is a sinner. I know the heart of man is deceitful. But, WE ARE THE HANDIWORK OF GOD, even if we have screwed up real bad.

You see, leadership is influence. Everybody influences somebody. The thing to ask is “Am I influencing others towards Jesus or away from him?” We should want to influence people for good, towards Jesus. And an important part of being able to influence towards God is the learned ability to always find the good in others.

If we can always try to find the good in others, here are some benefits:

1) People we lead will enjoy following more. They will respond better to our leadership. We all want to follow someone who can help us feel like we have potential and can make a difference.

2) We won’t write off “bad” people as quickly. The truth is nobody is beyond the reach of God’s grace. Plus, we’ve got no business writing anyone off in the first place.

4) We won’t demonize others that are different from us. I’m thinking here about politics, people we work with, etc.

5) We will be more godly in the way we treat others

Are you looking for the good in others? Why or why not?

4 thoughts on “Always Find the Good in Others – (Thirty Things I’ve Learned as a Leader 3/30)”

  1. I liked your article here, and hope you dont mind, but i will be reading it at Church this Sunday ( tomorrow ) for my talk ”Looking For The Good”.
    I have posted a link you may wish to visit too.
    Once again, thanks for the article and may you keep well and safe.
    Kind Regards
    Garth L Nosworthy

  2. You hit on a simple truth that is sometimes challenging when I feel justified in condemning someone because of their bad behavior. Who am I to know the intent of other people? Who am I to judge them? Who am I to complain against them? Looking for the good in people helps me see the whole person as well as God’s overarching goodness and love manifested through them. It brings peace to my soul and greater love for others. I needed your list of benefits to further motivate me. Thank you!

  3. In truth I find myself struggling with this. Sometimes its just really hard to see good in others. So I guess my real question is how? Does anybody have any hints or things I can try to help me see the good in others.

  4. It’s a struggle for me too. Jesus whole thing about praying for your enemies is a great place to start. Pray for difficult people every day and eventually you start to really care for them.

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