A Personal Look into Someone’s Past

After my mom passed away on January 1 this year, we were going through her trunk of stuff to find pictures for the funeral service. While we were looking, we found my grandmother’s testimony from about 1970. Her name was Ann Buck and she wrote the story to tell about her horrible experience with rheumatoid arthritis. It causes excruciating pain and it struck her out of nowhere. She wanted people to know how the disease impacted her faith and how Jesus himself made her journey bearable.

This story has made a huge impact on my life. My grandmother died just a few years after she wrote the letter. I knew her and remember her from my early years, but I never knew she had such a deep, real, life-changing relationship with Jesus. When I became a Christian my senior year at Texas A&M University, I thought I was beginning a new Christian legacy in my family. None of us were walking with the Lord then. Most of my family members are walking with the Lord now, but at the time nobody seemed to be real serious about it. This letter made me realize that my family has a Christian heritage and legacy! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. We got off the path for a while, but we are back. It has also shown me where my mom got her determination and love of serving. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it…

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5 thoughts on “A Personal Look into Someone’s Past”

  1. Randy, the letter from your Grandmother was great. It shows you that the Lord is always with you through the high and lows. Thank you for posting them on your site.


  2. Ann struggled with this disease for almost 10 years and I never heard her complain. Her faith was strong and she had “The Peace of Jesus”!

  3. Randy,
    Thank you for sharing this letter, it was powerful. It’s like you said in Sunday service, COMMITMENT, we need to stay commit to GOD. I think your grandmother’s testimony showed that, sure she had a hard time but she did not give up, she showed her faith in Jesus and I loved what she said, LET GO and LET GOD! I think that is so good and as christians we can and should apply that saying to what ever we might be going though.

  4. Well, I figured I better start reading your blog, because Joe repeats it all to me anyway!! That letter was absolutely incredible, it is really a testimony that she remained faithful through all that pain. Only a faith that is totally real can get you through something like that.

    And isn’t God good to let you see that she was such a woman of faith?? That is awesome for me to think about.


  5. I forgot to sign that I read the article also. You are now tagged. Maybe you should place a link to your blog somewhere on fosm.net???? Just a suggestion.


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