Oct 02

Session 5 – Leadership -Rick Barnes – Head basketball coach, University of Texas

You’ve got to love what you do with passion to lead others.

You’ve got to surround yourself with great people then make your they know they are important.

My job as coach is to be a truth-teller. Not in a way that kills them but in a way that helps them.

We use every method we can to teach them. We have to adapt to them. We tell them their education matters more than anything.

The people around you have to love what they do as much as you do.

You have to be a life long learner. You have to start now because life goes by so quick.

You’ve got to love those you serve. You have to know your people. You have to find ways to do that. You have to leave things better than you found them.

How can I make it better for other people?

We are going to win: student athletes, a great program, great recruiting, building great kids…

You better know what makes the person you work for ‘tick.’ What does he or she want from you? What are their likes and dislikes?

You better love your job. You better do it with passion. Do what we can do today. Enjoy today.

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Oct 02

Session 4 – Values Driven Leadership -Becky LeBlanc from University Federal Credit Union

Becky’s Values in leadership:
Evaluate your life in these four areas; physical (healthy living), mental (being a lifelong learner), emotional (integrity, honesty, trust, humility), spiritual (the foundation).

Her mission statement: to grow as much as I can so I can help others as much as possible.

Centered leadership – build your life for the biggest impact on others in these areas:

Meaning – finding your strengths and put them into action to inspire purpose in others

Managing energy – keep going

Positive framing – a well of renewal. Resiliance to keep going. Adopting a constructive view of the world around you.

Connecting – relationships that help you grow, improve, and increasing your sense of belonging

Enaging – collaboration with others, finding your voice, becoming self reliant and confident so you can take risks

Values at UFCU:

They start at the top and go throughout the whole organization. Everybody is known and treated the same.

Relationships are all there is



Values must be put into action

Leading self – Leading the business – leading others

It’s not just whether or not you achieve the goals but how you do it

How they push forward leadership values:

1) Quarterly CEO meetings where they study a book

2) Prez takes employees to lunch. Asks them to bring one thing we can do to imporve the business.

3) Job shadowing and rotations and other on the job training opps.

The task of the leader is to help people go to places where they couldn’t go on their own. Do I have an inspiring purpose I can involve others in?

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