Mar 17

I watched this video today. It’s a simple “cardboard testimony” video. It’s very moving. It reminded me that it’s all worth it. Ministry is mostly fun for me. Really. But it is also hard at times. Being a leader means there are hard decisions to make. It means there is a target on my back. Sometimes people are a pain in the rear. But this video reminded me that it is ALWAYS worth it. Your thoughts?

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Feb 25

A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Bil Cornelius talk about “When Blended Families Collide.” It’s the best message I have ever heard on the subject. I’m re-posting it here because I know there are so many families that would benefit from watching it.


When Blended Families Collide, Pastor Bil Cornelius from Randy Bryan on Vimeo.

This video above should work in most browsers. If it is not showing, click here to download it.

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